Robotics Camps for Kids - Fun Learning with LEGO® Education Robots!

"Daedalos has a creative, enthusiastic team who inspire the children to meet the building and programming challenges.  They are very well-organized and clearly love what they do."


Register for Spring Camps 2023Dates: March 13-17, 20-24

Student to Teacher Ratio is 6 to 1 with trained STEM Instructors

Students at Gearbots Coding Challenge Competition
"The instructors are responsive to the children and are very good at helping them work out why the robot is not doing what it needs to, without telling the children what to do. They are diplomatic and are very comfortable dealing with enthusiastic and creative children."

Robotics Camps COVID19 Safety Protocols

Our instructors follow strict COVID19 Safety Protocols and we ensure all students complete self-assessments for any COVID19 symptoms before attending camp each day. Read more about our Safety Procedures here.

Daedalos Academy Management

World-class Robotics Programs for Kids K-8

Robotics Competition

"The Daedalos Academy Robotics program beats anything I have found in the Lower Mainland. Their team­based approach helps kids work together to use their intellect and creativity to overcome obstacles."


Robotics Competitions

Students learn wholistic skills including teamwork, collaboration, communication, perseverance and grit working towards competition deadlines

"Most LEGO and Robotics program just focus on 'fun creation.'  My son also has fun, but he is also being challenged to think and then create ways to overcome obstacles.  So relevant to life!"