Students design and program EV3 Mindstorms robots at the August 2014 Robotics Summer Camp

LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT and EV3 Creations

Our Robotics + Programming courses are for Grades 3-8 students who are interested in designing and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT and EV3 sets.*

The students work in pairs, and the learning activities include they will take part in include:

  • Working in pairs to design and modify simple to complex machines and robots
  • Brainstorming solutions and come up with a plan to program their robot using LAB View Visual Drag-and-Drop Interface to complete various challenges, usually surrounding a theme (such s recycling, space exploration, natural forces and disasters, etc)
  • Collaborating effectively as a team to optimize their robot to participate in friendly contests, races and challenges, including SumoBot Wrestling, Capture the Flag, and Jousting Tournaments.**
  • During Spring and Summer Camps, students will also be working through extensive projects such as Stair Climber, Color Sorters, and Tankbot, among others.

* Space is limited to 12 students per course. Early registration recommended.

** Students will be expected to be able to follow directions, to show respect for their fellow students and for the equipment provided, and to participate in a congenial fashion. We adhere strongly to a policy of No Bullying in our program.