Updated Safety Protocols for Viruses

Here are the rules we will be following at our upcoming camps. Updated January 31, 2023.

1. We wash our hands at regular intervals.

We make sure students wash their hands regularly during transitions (Breaks, Lunch Time).

2. We use hand sanitizers coming in and out of camp.

We provide hand sanitizers at the entrance to the robotics camp activity room and require students to use hand sanitizer when entering the premises.

3. We wear masks.

Our instructors are required to wear masks during camp whenever working close to students. Students are encouraged to wear masks depending on their comfort level. We have no mask requirements outdoors during snack and lunch time or in the playground.

4. We disinfect all surfaces.

We use disinfectants on surfaces such as workstations, lunch tables, counters, and other surfaces accessible to the students during camp. Facilities such as washrooms and entrances to the building are the responsibility of the building administration, and they also ensure ensure disinfection as part of their own safety protocols.

5. We disinfect electronics.

At the beginning of each camp, all LEGO materials have been disinfected. At the beginning of each session, throughout the day, and at the end of each day we wipe down robotics equipment and laptops. The students use the same LEGO kit throughout the week, and sharing materials is discouraged. Having the same materials during the week, combined with routine cleaning, adds another layer of safety in the classroom.

6. We stay home if not feeling well.

We ask staff and participants to stay at home if they experience flu symptoms or suspect illness. These symptoms may include headache, runny nose, fever, cough, upset stomach.