Safety Protocols for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Here are the rules we will be following at our upcoming camps. Updated June 28, 2021.

1. We wash our hands at regular intervals.

We make sure students wash their hands regularly during transitions (Breaks, Lunch Time) and after going to washroom.

2. We use hand sanitizers coming in and out of camp.

We provide hand sanitizers at the entrance to the robotics camp activity room and require students to use hand sanitizer when entering the premises.

3. We wear masks.

Students as well as instructors are required to wear masks during camp except for lunch time when eating.

4. We stay / sit 2 meters apart.

All students will have their work stations set up in such a way that they will be 2 meters (6 feet) apart from each other. Even though there are many educational benefits to pair work and partner interaction and team work, at this time due to COVID we require that students are separate from each other. However there will still be opportunities to participate in team based activities while still remaining socially distanced.

5. We disinfect all surfaces.

We use disinfectants such as Lysol wipes to disinfect surfaces such as workstations, lunch tables and other surfaces within the vicinity of the robotics camp. Facilities such as washrooms and entrances to the building are the responsibility of the facility which will ensure disinfection.

6. We disinfect electronics.

At the beginning and end of each day we will be wiping down robotics equipment and laptops with disinfectant wipes.

7. We don’t share supplies.

Every student has their own Laptop and Robotics kit and doesn’t share with others.

8. Daily Health Checks

In addition, we require parents to fill out Daily Self-Assessments for their child during the camp days, similar to the BC Thrive Health self-assessment.