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“(The instructors) are a creative, enthusiastic team who inspire the children to meet the building and programming challenges.  They are very well-organized and clearly love what they do. They are responsive to the children and are very good at helping them work out why the robot is not doing what it needs to, without telling the children what to do.  They are diplomatic and are very comfortable dealing with enthusiastic and creative children.” – EJQ Parent

[Daedalos Academy’s] Robotics program beats anything I have found in the Lower Mainland.  Their team-based approach helps kids work together to use their intellect and creativity to overcome obstacles and create robots that can tackle issues that surround us (recycling, aging, etc).

My son is a Lego enthusiast and has been in Lego programs … and summer camps at West Point Grey Academy and UBC.  He first attended a Daedalos Academy Lego Robotics camp at spring break in 2015.  Since that camp, he only wants to attend Daedalos Academy Lego camps/classes.

[My son] does not want to go to any other Lego or robotics program.  He never gets tired of it and loves building and programming to meet the various challenges. His nickname for [one of the coaches] is “Mr Awesome.”  [The Daedalos Academy organizers] run a brilliant program.  It is so cool. Every term has a new theme and you get to build and program whatever you think will work.

[About the Senior Solutions Robotics FLL Challenge Missions at the LKE After School Program] What a great idea to get the kids to learn about designing robots to overcome common challenges of elderly persons.  I also really like the awareness and empathy that this fosters for the students about what it like to be an elderly person.  Your program is so applicable to life: challenges of daily living as a person with physical restrictions or absent-mindedness (robot has to ensure stove is turned off – another example he provided), and dealing with garbage and recycling.  Most Lego and Robotics program just focus on ‘fun creation.’  My son also has fun, but he is also being challenged to think and then create ways to overcome obstacles.  So relevant to life!

As parents, we believe it is our responsibility to give our children the best possible chance of success. Much of that success will depend on their ability to think critically and logically, to develop problem solving skills, and collaborate effectively with others.

Our world is rapidly changing due the speed of technological developments. This is why we believe it is crucial to equip our children with the technical, creative, and innovative problem solving skills needed to be successful. These skills are needed to have a competitive advantage not only during their school years, but even more so in whatever path they choose in their future career.

As experienced educators, we also believe in the power of differentiated learning. Our classroom and home experience have shown us that children benefit best from being in a learning environment where their individual learning styles and needs are taken into account.

In order to facilitate better differentiation in the classroom, our instructor to student ratio is 1 to 6.

The Greek Inventor Daedalos

In Greek mythology, Daedalos* was one of the greatest inventors of Ancient Greece, and a skillful artist and craftsman. His name comes from the Ancient Greek verb “daedalo”, which means to “work artfully or cunningly”.

labengrAn invention that was credited to Daedalos was the Labyrinth in Minoan Crete.

Why Daedalos Academy?

We believe the inventiveness and creativity of the mythological figure of Daedalos is an inspiration to instill a love of making, creating and “tinkering” with things to produce amazing results. We believe more children need to be encouraged to make and break daedalusthings, to create out of their imagination, to build inventions no one has every thought of before. This is one important way they can prepare for the jobs of the 21st century that haven’t been invented yet.

*Commonly spelled Daedalus. The Greek Δαίδαλος has an “o” in it, so we chose the alternative spelling Daedalos.

Sources: Daedalus the greatest inventor of Ancient Greece, Daedalus (Wikipedia)

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