Teaching Kids to Teach Robots


Our Vision

We believe more children need to be encouraged to make and break things, to create out of their imagination, to build inventions no one has every thought of before. In our Spring and Summer Camps, we strive to provide an environment where making is fun.

We believe building, making, coding and tinkering are important ways kids can prepare for the yet-to-be-invented careers of the 21st century.

We call ourselves Daedalos because we are inspired by the inventiveness and creativity of the Greek mythological inventor Daedalus*.

Our Story

Daedalos Enrichment Programs was founded in 2014 by Ana and Barish Golland, in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Both Ana and Barish have a combined 20+ years of experience teaching in K-12 education, Learning Technology and  using LEGO® Education in the classroom. Together they have two wonderful children, Lourdes and David, whose creativity and constant desire to learn are their joy and inspiration!

Our Goals

  • To help children think critically and logically

  • To develop problem solving skills

  • To promote collaboration

  • To equip children with transferable technical skills

  • To foster creativity & inspire curiosity

  • To help children be comfortable with tinkering – prototyping, testing, etc.

  • To help children appreciate that the process is more important than the outcome


Our People

Ana Golland

Founder & Program Director

Ana Golland founded Daedalos Enrichment Programs (Daedalos Academy) in 2014. Ana has over 15 years experience in the education sector working in a variety of organizations teaching kindergarten to primary school children. Ana has a Master of Arts in Ancient Cultures, Religions and Ethnicity from UBC.

Barish Golland

Consultant, Technology & Innovation

Barish Golland has led LEGO Mindstorms Robotics clubs for K-12 for the past 10 years, winning the Coach/Mentor Award at the 2017 FIRST Lego League BC Regional Championship. Barish has an M.A. in Educational Technology from the University of Manchester, England, and is the Learning Ecosystems Manager at UBC Sauder School of Business.

Davor Egersdorfer

Senior Robotics Instructor & STEM Teacher Trainer

Davor Egersdorfer has a Masters in Science Education at UBC, as well as a BSc in Molecular and Cell Biology from the University of Cape Town. A former teacher, he is passionate about helping kids learn through technology. Working with LEGO robotics at Daedalos is a childhood dream come true!

Yonit Segal

STEM Instructor

Yonit Segal completed her Masters Degree in Physics and decided to become a STEM teacher. Besides her experience as a high school teacher, her previous Science Museum work gave her opportunities to share her love of science.  Yonit is fascinated by the independence of the youngest students at Daedalos, and how quickly they learn to build and program their LEGO robots.

Ryan Nah

Robotics Instructor

Ryan Nah is a fourth-year Microbiology and Immunology student with an interest in anything that isn’t common knowledge. He works at Daedalos because he wants to create a low-risk environment where kids are free to experiment and be curious, just as was done for him in his formative years.

Braydan Pastucha

STEM Teaching Assistant & Robotics Instructor

Braydan Pastucha is a fourth-year Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics student at UBC. He aspires to be a middle school science teacher and move a generation of young people to critically think and consider multiple perspectives. Braydan works with Daedalos because it allows kids to apply scientific principles to real world and hands-on problems, a crucial step in understanding.

Jessica Ma

Robotics Instructor & Brilliant Taxonomist

Jessica Ma is a second-year UBC Engineering Physics student with a keen interest in mathematics, neurology, and psychology. She aspires to work on medical applications of engineering. Jessica believes hands-on building is one of the best ways to learn science, and the quality of creations from kids at Daedalos is a testament to that.

Justin Derwee

Robotics Instructor

Justin Derwee is a second-year Computer Science student at UBC with a passion for robotics, programming, and technology.  He brings three years of robotics experience through the First Robotics Competition during his high school years.  Through Daedalos, Justin hopes to promote a STEM environment where kids are able to explore while learning applicable skills.

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